In Norway, we have a lot of foreign trucks transporting goods. Some of the drivers of these foreign trucks are not being paid as the law requires.

It doesn’t matter where your employer is based.

The second your truck picks up cargo within Norway for transport to another location in the country, you are entitled to a minimum wage of 158,32 NOK, or approximately €17 per hour.

If your employer does not pay you this amount or more, then the company is violating the Norwegian Labour Legislation, and could be subject to fines and sanctions. It is therefore in both your and your employers best interest to pay you in full.

A range of important benefits

This is not the only benefits you are entitled to. Food, breaks, equipment - your employer must comply to a set of regulations regarding your well-being and work environment. For a complete overview, please read the guide " Minimum wage - general application of collective agreements" on the Labour Inspection Authority web page (available in both Norwegian, English and Polish).

Welcome to Norway.

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